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Just as we value, teach, and protect the Individual who receives services, we must do the same for the Caregiver who provides those services.

The Journal of Gentleness

Manuscript Submission

Authors are encourage to check with Anthony McCrovitz, Ph.D., Senior Editor, at journal@qoli.org in advance of submitting a manuscript, as to the appropriateness of their submission.

Individuals who submit material should be prepared to work with the editors on editing their manuscripts so that they best meet the style and interests of the Journal.

Manuscripts may be of any length and in APA format. Please type the entire manuscript in 12-point font, double-spaced, with one inch margins. Manuscripts should be submitted as an electronic attachment (Word file) to the Senior Editor at journal@qoli.org.

When submitting the manuscript, please attach a cover letter to include name, address, telephone, fax, and e-mail information for all authors. Please indicate the primary author to receive all communications; and a statement indicating that the manuscript is an original work and has not been submitted to or published in another publication.

The primary author may expect an acknowledgment of receipt soon after submitting material and the editing process will begin promptly.

Publication Policies

As a general policy, all manuscripts will be reviewed by at least two editors, with the final acceptance decided upon by the Senior Editor. After review, editing, and acceptance, the submitted article will be promptly included in the on-line journal.


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